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Raising awareness of all cancer throughout Cheshire is a formidable task since many people, particularly in the Crewe area are not aware that the incidence of cancer is higher than the national average.

Action on Cancer

Raising awareness of all cancer in the Cheshire area is a formidable task as many people in the Crewe area are not aware that the incidence is higher than the national average. The parent brand tasked with the responsibility for informing the public is ‘Action On Cancer’. Knowing the signs early and getting screened is key to this initiative.

We produced colourful graphics utilising contrasting use of the supplied logotype’s palette with a hand drawn style. Our visuals were bold, fun and lateral as they need to engage with a broad section of the public at many events. We also stripped down the logotype to use the stylised ‘C’ as an icon on smaller assets like the postcards. The client felt this was a bold but clever move as this can also be used on T Shirts to create attractive branded items, and actually build brand awareness. The typographic treatment was a key component in these designs as it had to portray vitality and energy that encourages people to seize the initiative to act on salient information regarding health, without being perceived as being too formal in tone.

A range of colourful distinctive postcards and pop up exhibition displays that were exceptionally well received, the artwork shown here being phase one of a much larger campaign. Future ongoing work connected with ‘Action on Cancer’ is expected to translate to clothing and additional print requirements and direct mail campaigns as the scope and audience of the initiative widens.